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Renewing your Mortgage

For many Canadians, renewing a mortgage takes about as much thought as renewing a newspaper subscription: when the renewal papers arrive, they're signed, sealed and mailed right back.

At Manhattan Mortgage, we think it's important for homeowners to give this big step a lot more consideration.

In the years between your home purchase and your first mortgage renewal, many changes can occur in your life. In addition to huge shifts in your work and family situation, you may see fluctuating interest rates on your mortgage. So it's wise to think carefully about what you need before you sign your renewal papers.

Getting the best rate isn't the primary issue

From our perspective, your mortgage is only a part of your overall plan. The best move you can make when your mortgage is set to expire is to hire a mortgage agent, who will search for the best renewal deal from among the 100-plus lenders who are all eager to have your business. All of this work can be done for you by Manhattan Mortgage Services, and we guarantee our clients a mortgage rate four months prior to their renewal date. This will result in savings of thousands of dollars for you, rather than for your bank.

Here's something that your bank isn't likely to tell you

It won't cost you a thing to transfer your mortgage to a different lender, who will offer more favorable terms and interest! And all of the costs associated with this will be covered by your new lender.

Still can't decide?

Asks yourself these questions:

  • Should your loyalty be directed to your bank or to you?
  • Do you think a single trustworthy lender can provide you with the best mortgage solution, or should you shop around among 100 or so unknown lenders?
  • Why can't you get a low-rate four-month guarantee from your bank?

APPLY ONLINE NOW or call us today at 416.642.5685 and speak to a live Mortgage Agent and you can save thousands of dollars on your mortgage renewal.